Every detail is considered, from the intended target market to your competitor. Effective marketing starts with many questions!

Marketing is at our core, it is a part of everything we do and is an investment that will enhance your business. Through developing and implementing intelligent marketing strategies we can help you to position your products and services more effectively in the market place. Go-Global is your strategic business partner, providing a range of solutions tailored to your business needs.

Whether it be print or online, we can help you develop long term solutions to your brief. Market-driven design ensures a high-quality corporate image is maintained across all aspects of your business. Leave the creativity to us, it is what we love to do!

It all starts with a clearly defined process.

Go-Global utilises a marketing process to aid in the development of your project. It assists in co-ordinating your job and ensures that quality products and services are provided. The process has been developed to define your project requirements and clarify key decision points throughout the design process.

Stage 1: Client Brief
• Definition of Project Requirements 

Stage 2: Research & Analysis 
• Consumer Profile 
• Competitor Profile 
• Brainstorm Design Potential 
• Design Restrictions 

Stage 3: Design Brief 
• Project Objectives 
• Research Findings 
• Design Strategy 
• Scope of Works 
• Design Costing 
• Project Decision Point 

Stage 4: Concept Design
• Concept Generation 
• Presentation 
• Project Decision Point 

Stage 5: Design Development 
• Concept Development 
• Presentation 
• Project Decision Point 

Stage 6: Design Variation 
• Design Variation 
• Presentation 
• Project Decision Point 

Stage 7: Design Specifications
• Technical Detailing of Design 
• Prototype Design 
• Presentation 
• Project Decision Point 

Stage 8: Design Implementation 
• Design Production 
• Design Distribution 

Stage 9: Design Evaluation 
• Project Analysis 

A contact person must be nominated to manage the project on behalf of your business. Based on briefing sessions, a marketing brief will be prepared which will communicate back to you that we have a clear understanding of the work required, your intended target market and business objectives. The marketing brief will provide further specific details regarding timing and project structure.

Based on the brief, Go-Global will provide creative directions for the development of the scope of works and how it will be implemented. We will liaise with you to ensure a roll-out timing that best meets your marketing objectives. Finished artwork will be provided and implemented for all items identified in the scope of works upon completion. 

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